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Distributed Systems and Fault Tolerance Engineering Jobs at Neo4j

It’s been a while since I last blogged because I’ve been heads-down with┬ámy team developing a novel clustering architecture and consistency model for Neo4j. The new cluster architecture is designed to provide data safety and scale for graph workloads while

Why I love the BMW i3 (and will never buy one.)

I’m looking for a runaround for school drop-offs (such is my exciting life). I’ve discounted small petrol cars (mechanically complex, inefficient for small journeys, unexciting, yesteryear’s tech), and am looking at small fully electric or plugin hybrid cars. To that

Notes from the Australian Architecture Forum

After a fairly reasonable flight from London (I can’t believe that I can find 23 hour flights reasonable nowadays) I arrived in Sydney to attend and present at the Australian Architecture Forum. The theme of the conference this year was

13th May is International Lotus Notes Hater’s Day

A monumental day for all of us who suffer from Lotus Notes (my symptoms began 3.5 years ago). Mark the 13th May in your Notes calendar (hah!) and take action! [Via Simon Brunning]

ECOWS 2008 Call for Papers

ECOWS 2008: The 6th European Conference on Web Services, November 12-14, 2008 in Dublin, Ireland The European Conference on Web Services (ECOWS) is the premier conference for both researchers and practitioners to exchange the latest advances in the state


A few weeks back Carl and Richard from DNR got in touch wanting to talk about the whole Guerrilla SOA thing, the episode’s online now so clap your ears around my delicious Black Country accent…

Remote Desktop for Mac Beta 3 Buggy?

I just upgraded Remote Desktop for Mac client from beta 2 to beta 3, at which point I was unable to see most of my mac home directory on the remote Windows machine (only ~/library in fact). A quick downgrade

Middleware for Web Services 2008 – Call for Papers

2008 Middleware for Web Services (MWS 2008) Workshop held at the EDOC 2008 conference in Munich, Germany Web site: Papers due: 13 June 2008 About the Workshop: Middleware plays an important role for Web services technologies. We organized the Middleware

Anemic Service Model

Much of contemporary SOA thinking is centered around the notion of very loose coupling. So thinking goes, tight coupling leads to nasty brittle enterprise systems which resist change and over time become a costly legacy. Conversely loose coupling allows individual

Calgary Book Signing

I was in downtown Calgary this Saturday looking for books to fill a flight back to the UK, and what do I see but this fabulous sign at the entrance to McNally Robinson: Following in a tradition I believe started