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Distributed Systems and Fault Tolerance Engineering Jobs at Neo4j

It’s been a while since I last blogged because I’ve been heads-down with my team developing a novel clustering architecture and consistency model for Neo4j. The new cluster architecture is designed to provide data safety and scale for graph workloads while

Plugin Hybrid Test Drives: Electric Boogaloo

In my last post, I discussed the BMW i3 and why I’d never buy one. And while I really enjoyed that car, I bemoaned the oddly large-ish sizing of battery capacity to the thimble-sized petrol tank (in the range extender model).

Why I love the BMW i3 (and will never buy one.)

I’m looking for a runaround for school drop-offs (such is my exciting life). I’ve discounted small petrol cars (mechanically complex, inefficient for small journeys, unexciting, yesteryear’s tech), and am looking at small fully electric or plugin hybrid cars. To that

Airport Duty Free VAT: The Scandal Continues

(I haven’t blogged in ages, so here’s a really dull post about corporate malfeasance and VAT to get you back in to the swing of things!) There’s been a bit of a scandal lately in UK airports where retailers have

New Releases of REST in Practice and Graph Databases

Over the course of my career, I’ve co-penned three technical books. While the one on WS-* isn’t going to make a massive comeback any day now, the books on REST and Neo4j are doing rather well. The O’Reilly book “Graph Databases”

Getting Started with Neo4j 2.0

With the recent release of Neo4j 2.0 and it’s a great time to get familiar with graphs and graph databases. Neo4j is quite different from relational databases, and it’s also quite different from most of the other NoSQL databases. The reason

My New Book on Graph Databases

Over the last few months as well as working on the day job developing Neo4j, Ian Robinson, Emil Eifrem and I have been working on writing a new book for O’Reilly that showcases the expressive power and technical capabilities of

Neo4j: Facebook GraphSearch for the Rest of Us

The recent big announcement from Facebook was a search platform that provides answers to contextual questions. They’ve called it “Facebook Graph Search” which is a pretty big deal for those of us into graph computing since it moves the notion

Neo4j Koans update

Over the last couple of years, Ian Robinson and I (along with a little help from friends in the community) have been building a set of koans for learning Neo4j. These koans follow the same mantra as the Ruby Koans, where is live again

After a decade or so of being somewhat surreptitiously hosted by the formidable folks at Newcastle University (thanks guys, you’re awesome) my blog site finally had to move to a proper commercial provider. Following his own lead, I’ve retired Savas‘s trusty PBlog (ASP.NET!) engine and