New Releases of REST in Practice and Graph Databases

Over the course of my career, I’ve co-penned three technical books. While the one on WS-* isn’t going to make a massive comeback any day now, the books on REST and Neo4j are doing rather well.

The O’Reilly book “Graph Databases” by Ian Robinson, Emil Eifrem and me was first published back in 2013 as we were working towards the monumental Neo4j 2.0 release. In the elapsed time, Neo4j has continued to grow and evolve and meaning the book is no longer an accurate reflection of contemporary use. At the start of the year, we hit the keyboard and with the help of the awesome Neo4j community team (thanks especially to Michael Hunger) and rewrote the book to be completely up to date with Neo4j 2.x, including new schema indexes and Cypher language improvements. Right now you can get a full, free ebook version of the 2nd edition by signing up at

And as if one wasn’t enough, O’Reilly will now release a second printing of REST in Practice by me, Savas Parastatidis, and Ian Robinson (yes, there is a graph forming here). While REST in Practice isn’t technically a second edition (much of the content has stood the test of time) we’ve taken the opportunity to smarten it up a bit and fix up all the errata submissions. Many thanks to those of you that took the time to submit those!

So head on over to my books page an grab yourself a headful of words!

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