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Restfulie – Bringing Hypermedia to Rails like you meant it

Guilherme Silveria and Cauê Guerra have been busy. Based on some of the ideas in the book Ian, Savas, and I are writing (which focuses on Java and .NET examples), they’ve written a really neat framework called Restfulie which brings

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QCon San Francisco: REST Tutorial

I’m super-happy to be speaking with Ian Robinson at QCon San Francisco this year. We’re going to be doing a full day tutorial  based on our book (tentatively titled “REST in Practice” that we’re writing with Savas Parastatidis). The tutorial

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ThoughtWorks Quarterly Briefings in December

I’m going to be giving briefings in London and Manchester as part of ThougthWorks’ continuing series. This time around I’m going to talk about Web-based SOA with a talk called “The Enterprise Architecture you’ve always dreamed of has been hiding

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John Moe on Guerrilla SOA

John Moe has written up a taxonomy of various SOA styles including Guerrilla SOA. I think John’s is a useful taxonomy, I completely agree that Guerrilla SOA is preferable to Gorilla SOA. Following on from John’s essay, Dave Chappell argues

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London .NET User Group Tomorrow!

Only 2.5 years after this .NET developer moved to London, I’ll be attending (and presenting) at my first London .NET user group. In tomorrow’s talk (registration required), I’ll be talking about hypermedia formats and protocols and showing the neat framework

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RESTful Client Tool now available

The mulit-talented Guilherme Silveira with Adriano Almeida and Lucas Cavalcanti, has been coding up a storm on the RESTful services front. Based on the Restbucks ordering example from the book Ian, Savas, and I are writing, he’s written a sample

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A Manifesto from the Snake Oil Association (SOA)

The SOA Manifesto (aka Snake Oil Agreement, or SOA) has been published, attempting to set out a value system for SOA deployments modeled on the famous (and useful) Agile manifesto. Like the Agile manifesto, the SOA version was written by

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SOA Symposium 2009

The (Second) International SOA Symposium is where all the serious SOA-types hang out for a few days, discussing the critical issues around ESB adoption and which vendor rollouts looks best on a CV or in a PowerPoint presentation. Miraculously I’ve

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EVAN Presentation on Web-y Distributed Systems with Ian Robinson

Like Ian said, we’ll be talking about distributed systems on the Web tomorrow. Fire up your (Microsoft-friendly) browsers and get stuck into the Live Meeting at Mainland Europe: 8:00PM UK is: 7:00PM EST in the US: 2:00PM PST in

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HATEOAS – The Confusing Bit from REST

Prior to last week’s excellent Falando em Java conference in São Paulo, I spent some time with the lovely folks at Caelum. They invited me to talk at their in-house tech day where I spoke about hypermedia as a contract

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