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Getting Started with Neo4j 2.0

With the recent release of Neo4j 2.0 and it’s a great time to get familiar with graphs and graph databases. Neo4j is quite different from relational databases, and it’s also quite different from most of the other NoSQL databases. The reason

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My New Book on Graph Databases

Over the last few months as well as working on the day job developing Neo4j, Ian Robinson, Emil Eifrem and I have been working on writing a new book for O’Reilly that showcases the expressive power and technical capabilities of

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Graph Processing versus Graph Databases

There’s recently been a great deal of discussion on the subject of graph processing. For those of us in the graph database space, this is an exciting development since it reinforces the utility of graphs as both a storage and

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Square Pegs and Round Holes in the NOSQL World

The graph database space is a peculiar corner of the NOSQL universe. In general, the NOSQL movement has pushed towards simpler data models with more sophisticated computation infrastructure compared to traditional RDBMS. In contrast graph databases like Neo4j actually provide

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Neo4j 1.3GA: Free as in Beer!

Over at Neo Tech HQ, we’ve been working away for the last 3 months, and today we’re finally releasing Neo4j 1.3 GA. That in itself is usually cause enough for a celebration and a bit of a hangover, but this

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Strategies for Scaling Neo4j

As I’ve discussed before, graph databases like Neo4j can be lack the same predictability in terms of scaling when compared to other kinds of NOSQL stores (that’s the cost of a rich data model). But with a little thought, we’ve

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Scaling Neo4j with Cache Sharding and Neo4j HA

In the Neo4j world, we consider large datasets to be those which are substantially larger than main memory. With such large datasets, it’s impossible for a Neo4j instance to cache the whole database in RAM and therefore provide extremely rapid

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On Sharding Graph Databases

One of the substantial benefits of the family of NOSQL (Not only SQL) databases is their tendency to be able to scale predictably. One of the key elements to being able to scale NOSQL databases is sharding, where a large

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New Role: Chief Scientist with Neo Technology

Three years ago I visited Sweden to speak at Øredev, and happened to meet Emil Eifrém, CEO of Neo Technology who talked animatedly at me about graph databases and the open source Neo4j product that he and his team had

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