Neo4j Koans update

Over the last couple of years, Ian Robinson and I (along with a little help from friends in the community) have been building a set of koans for learning Neo4j. These koans follow the same mantra as the Ruby Koans, where you’re given a set of failing unit tests and as you make them green you learn something. For the Ruby Koans that learning is the Ruby language and idioms, for the Neo4j Koans you learn the Neo4j APIs and Cypher query language as a side-effect of making the unit tests go green.

Oh, and you learn lots about the TV show “Doctor Who” too since that’s the (lovingly and extensively curated) data set that underlies the tests. But we’ve now decided to update the Neo4j Koans so if you make use of them, read on.

The Koans themselves along with all the scripts required to turn them from “teacher’s version” into “students’ version” and the associated dependency management and tool download actions are staying in the public repository. These will form the basis for chapters for our next book project (since our current book project Graph Databases (O’Reilly) is nearing completion). However all the teaching materials (and in particular that big, slow-to-clone PowerPoint deck) are going away since the teaching materials will be focussed in the book itself rather than as slides. The deck will – of course – remain in version control history but over time it will become inconsistent with the koans so be careful if you use historical materials with current koans.

We don’t think this is going to inconvenience too many people, but if it’s going to affect you then don’t hesitate to reach out to me.


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