jimwebber.org is live again

After a decade or so of being somewhat surreptitiously hosted by the formidable folks at Newcastle University (thanks guys, you’re awesome) my blog site finally had to move to a proper commercial provider.

Following his own lead, I’ve retired Savas‘s trusty PBlog (ASP.NET!) engine and moved to WordPress mostly so that I can ask him for tech support when I can’t do mod rewrite syntax :-)

Thanks to those of you (especially on Twitter) that took time to tell me my blog was down, this is my hat tip to you to say it’s back up again. My apologies for those of you who’ve commented on my blog over the years, those comments are still languishing in a relational database (ha!) and I’ll port ’em over on my next sick day.

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One comment on “jimwebber.org is live again
  1. Welcome back.

    RIP pblog. It served us well for many years. Remember when we were talking about making it a platform? That was before wordpress was popular. Soooo many good ideas back then :)

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