Neo4j 1.3GA: Free as in Beer!

Over at Neo Tech HQ, we’ve been working away for the last 3 months, and today we’re finally releasing Neo4j 1.3 GA. That in itself is usually cause enough for a celebration and a bit of a hangover, but this release marks an important turning point in Neo4j’s licensing, and I think for the NOSQL space in general.

From here on the core database (or community edition) is licensed under the GPL! That is, you can use as many instances of Neo4j community edition (except as OEM) for ever, for free!

For more sophisticated deployments, we’ve simplified our product structure and are now offering Neo4j Advanced (with management features) and Neo4j Enterprise (with Advanced features plus HA) both under a dual AGPL and commercial license (so you can still stay open source, or simply see what you’re buying).

The release announcement has just been posted to the Neo4j blog with all the juicy details on features and licensing, so what are you waiting for? Go download and install everywhere!

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