New Role: Chief Scientist with Neo Technology

Three years ago I visited Sweden to speak at Øredev, and happened to meet Emil Eifrém, CEO of Neo Technology who talked animatedly at me about graph databases and the open source Neo4j product that he and his team had been building. Since then I’ve been quite a fan of this corner of the NoSQL universe having been both a user of and a contributor to Neo4j.

Fast forward almost exactly three years from that initial encounter in Malmö, and last week I announced my last full-time day with ThoughtWorks (though I’ll continue as a part-time advisor), and said that I’d be joining Neo Technology as Chief Scientist, to learn the art of data and to help build a server platform around the rock-solid Neo4j database.

It’s a thrilling prospect: the next few months will see the first releases of the Neo Server stack, and we’re starting to think about some ideas on automated sharding of graphs over servers, and reliable in-memory storage which could make their way into the product roadmap for the coming years. And who knows what will come from that work? Whatever it is will be steeped in research and development – bring it on!

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