REST in Practice for Universities

It’s really pleasing that finally the book REST in Practice that Savas, Ian, and I have been writing will hit bookshelves on the 24th September. We’re pretty pleased that we got it out before the next university term starts (at least in the northern hemisphere), but we didn’t leave a very wide margin. Several university computing departments have already expressed that they’re interested in using the book as as recommended text. But we realise we’re leaving it late for lecturers to prepare materials.

Fortunately, we have some ready-baked. For a couple of years now Ian and I have been on the conference circuit doing day-long tutorials on the material from the book. Those slides have been all over the Web, and we continue to add and refine them all the time. What’s less known is those tutorial slides are actually a subset of much more substantial set that have been used to teach other academics and researchers about the Web, with a distinctly distributed systems flavour.

Here’s the good news: if you’re an academic who teaches distributed computing and you want to use the full set of slides that we have for your course then you can have the whole set, for free. All we ask in return is that you consider using REST in Practice as one of your recommended texts for your course.

What’s more, we’ll keep those slides up to date, add more detail over time where it’s requested (or we think it’s needed), and you’ll be able to take that new material as it’s created and pushed to our repository.

So if you’d like the full slide set for REST in Practice, first thing to do is drop me an email and we’ll sort things out pretty quickly from there.

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