Reflections on JavaZone 2008

As well as the declaring myself a Web over REST kind of guy at this year’s JavaZone, I also saw a couple of other things that I really liked.

The first of these was Arjen Poutsma‘s standing-room only talk on RESTful stuff (well OK, apart from the Web stuff involving URI templates) which was excellent. Arjen’s presentation was hugely enjoyable, particularly his use of airport symbols to highlight bits of REST.

Rickard Oberg‘s talk on Qi4J was equally standing-room only and I was disappointed to be left outside the room being turned away by the venue staff. Nonetheless Rickard found me later and gave me a corridor tutorial on Qi4J. Like he says, it’s painful but in a good way.

There’s something deeper I need to grok about it, but I’m sure he’s onto something. I particularly like the extremely strong separation of concerns his model forces (like really, really strong), but my poor feeble brain just goes into meltdown when he utters the phrase “Java without classes.”

Ola‘s talk was great too (even though Charles Nutter was absent through illness), I think he may even have convinced a few people to start to think critically about the Java language as he does. He also wins the prize for speaker who looks most like Michael Jackson in mourning.

Overall I thought JavaZone was great, and I was a bit sad to have to leave half way through. If I ever get invited back, I’ll definitely stay for the whole shindig.

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